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Cloud (Piano Duo)


A short excerpt combining elements of a larger installation within the gallery space, the video invites the viewer to move between entangled sound, visual and tactile stimuli. The Braille embossed archival printmaking paper depicts a cloud, utilising the symbols varied tonal quality to create the visual image. These marks are transposed into a score of musical notes and record the image into the audio form of a ‘piano duo’ (a type of piano composition which is understood when played by two separate pianos simultaneously, in conversation).


The viewer was able to move between three forms of the same information within the gallery space, experiencing them in varying degrees at different distances. The drawing could be read closest through touch, then slightly further away visually, with the sound audible at the opposite end of the gallery space. Thus, as the person experiencing the work comes closer to one source another recedes, as the balance of the conversation change.

Ocean of Code


These are a few documenting images and a short, edited excerpt video from the daily 3 - 4 hour performance series Ocean of Code. The performance took place everyday for 2 weeks with a different companion drawer each day. The work explores the way information moves in our digital culture through an analogue and labour intensive process that both parodies and opposes it.

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