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Malhotra's work explores the transmission and translation of visual information, often mimicking digital methods of reproduction through labour intensive analogue processes. The imagery he works with is natural elements in constant flux; skies, mountains, oceans and moving landscapes. These are chosen not just for their unsuitability to simulation through the binary nature of digital reproduction, but also the importance of this subject matter in the history of picture making. By re-interpreting this imagery by hand through a variety of self-designed systems, he aims to question how we receive and use images today. 

Some works are painstakingly drawn by hand in a system parodying that of an inkjet printer. Others use systems mimicking scanners, photocopiers or digital cameras and are performed as timed exercises in self-testing. Many of these drawings then form the basis of a variety of prints, live performances, installations, animations and sound works.


1991, Birmingham, UK. 


2018-2020    MA Print, Royal College of Art

2011-2014    First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Manchester School of Art

2010-2011    Foundation in Art & Design, Stourbridge College

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